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Our Story
At Dresid, we believe your dream home is possible. Use our platform for inspiration on aesthetically- pleasing, super functional living spaces. You can curate and create spaces that you live, rest, recharge and entertain in. We are here to take away the complexities of home improvement and interior design. We take care of all the logistics, just a few clicks and you’re there. Our team does all the heavy-lifting for you: from crafting inspiration into useable design to sourcing quality products and delivering them to you in a neat package. We even have a suggested list of installers for you to select from to bring your ideas to life.
Our Mission
We at Dresid are energised by one mission: bringing your dream living space alive. We strive to deliver a convenient and customisable experience for all your home improvement needs. We do this by perfecting 3 key areas: beautiful designs, quality products and convenient installation.
Our Promise
Beauty, accessibility, and quality. These are our 3 priorities because we know they are yours too. Our team of designers and our partner interior decorators have created a library of inspired designs to help with your selection. The designs you love are brought to life through a carefully curated range of products, from tiles to sanitary ware to fittings. Underlying everything is our commitment to convenience. From the comfort of your home, you can browse our complete selection of products and order them. It’s no exaggeration to say that your dream living space is just a few clicks away.

Our Partners

We work with industry experts so you can take the guesswork out of home improvement. Rest assured that our products are of top quality from respected suppliers such as Guocera and American Standard. We also collaborate with passionate designers and contractors so that installation is a breeze. We are all focused to bringing you the best renovation experience possible.