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Bathroom Renovation Guide in 60 Seconds

Bathroom Renovation Guide in 60 Seconds

Disclaimer: This is our Express Guide for Bathroom Renovation and may not actually take 60 seconds to finish reading this guide. This is only a summary, you may refer here for our comprehensive guide on Bathroom Renovation.




Bathroom Renovation can be broken down into 4 stages:

4 Stages of Bathroom Renovation


Stage 1: Research


Categories to research on, not an exhaustive list but only for reference:


Bathroom Renovation Research Categories. Toilet, Shower / Bath, Tap & Sink, Ventilation, Lighting, Flooring, Wall Cladding, Tiling, Storage, Decor, Furniture, Colour Scheme (60-30-10 rule)


Stage 2: Planning


Bathroom Renovation Stage 2. Stage 1: Set a budget. Stage 2: Know Your Dimensions. Stage 3: Sourcing. Stage 4: Hiring Experts

*If you are hiring individual experts instead of a main contractor, we recommend creating a renovation schedule.


Snapshot of Renovation Schedule for Reference:

Renovation Schedule

Note: The Renovation Schedule image is for reference only and DOES NOT represent the actual timeline.


Stage 3: Construction


Before construction begins:

  • If you are in a strata title building, ensure that you have permission from the building management.
  • Make sure that you have all the materials required on-site before construction starts.
  • Prepare floor protection on the pathway to the site especially for wood or tiles flooring.
  • Prep designated areas for disposing rubbles and rubbish from the renovation.
  • Have a temporary toilet for both you and the contractors if the bathroom will be out of service.
  • Have safety equipment and first aid kit ready for emergencies.
  • Know where your water meter and the fuse box is located.


During Construction:

  • Take pictures of the process for documentation purposes and also for ease in the future if you wish to locate specific wiring or pipe.
  • Ensure that all wirings are protected with GI/PVC pipes.
  • Update the renovation schedule regularly.


Stage 4: Post Construction


  1. Organize and keep all your warranties in a safe place.
  2. Store unused and extra parts properly.
  3. Request Defect Liability Period from Contractor


If you have any further questions or concerns about our renovation process, feel free to contact us at and our service expert will reply within the next business day!



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